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Research Projects - Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives”

Funding institution

European Commission


The call invites proposals for funding research into one or more of four broad topics:
1. Modern workfactors:
Relevant research questions for this topic include:
- How far, and in what ways, are current changes in the way work is organised and managed (including employers’ incentives and disincentives) improving or restricting opportunities for people to work longer?
- How can the management and organisation of work be most effective in enabling people to work longer?
2. Longer working life & Inequality
Relevant research questions for this topic include:
- How far do policies to extend working life impact differently on different groups of people, considering differences including gender, occupation, education, disability, family status, migrant status, and age cohort?
- How do such policies affect factors like life expectancy, quality of life, health and retirement? What strategies and policies for extending working life ensure that all older people are fairly treated?
3. Health challenges
Relevant research questions for this topic include:
- What are the consequences of raising formal retirement and pension ages for a worker's health, work ability, work motivation and quality of life? - What technologies or strategies for organising work and managing health conditions are effective at reducing premature retirement?
- What strategies are effective in helping older people to maintain a valued and significant contribution to society, through paid or unpaid activity?
4. Caring responsibilities
Relevant research questions for this topic include:
- How do caring responsibilities affect retirement decisions?
- What are the consequences for family care when older people work longer?
Research is expected to cross the traditional boundaries of Government departments and occupational sectors and to examine the implications of extending working life for older workers (50+), new labour markets, health, wellbeing and intergenerational equity.


Please contact upi@iispv.cat to know about the eligibility requirements.
Only transnational projects will be funded. Each proposal must involve a minimum of three eligible applicants from at least three different countries participating in the call. The maximum number of eligible participants in a project consortium is seven. Each consortium must nominate a Principal Investigator (PI) among the project’s co-Principal Investigators (co-PI).
Specific requirements for MINECO:
-Maximum two eligible Spanish eligible applicants per consortium.
-Principal Investigators (PI) of Spanish teams must be eligible according to the call APCIN 2015.
-Researchers are not allowed to apply for funding in more than one proposal to this call.
-The final decision will take into account the transnational evaluation of the cooperative project and the financial resources available. Only excellent projects where international collaboration is a clear added value will be funded.

- PIs funded through the MINECO APCIN call of the previous year are not allowed to apply for funding to the present transnational call.

Although participation in this transnational call is compatible with Spanish State Programme calls (other than APCIN), the MINECO will avoid double funding and will not fund projects or parts of projects, already funded through other national or EU calls.


2 June 2015 (12:00 CET)

IISPV Deadline

12 May 2015(Please, contact upi@iispv.cat before that date)

Documents to be presented

One joint proposal document (in English) shall be prepared by the partners of a joint transnational proposal, and must be submitted to the online submission system, (administrated by the Joint Call Secretariat) by the project PI.
Proposals must include the following information.
• Project title
• Acronym (maximum 15 characters)
• Duration of project (months)
• Total project cost and budget requested to be publically funded by the funding organizations
• Type of research group (academia, clinical, industry)
• Keywords (5 to 7)
• Scientific abstract (max. ½ page)
• Family names, first names and full affiliations (by this order) of the project PI
• Family names, first names and full affiliations (by this order) of each partner principal investigators (one per project partner) and other team members participating in the project.
• Background and present state of the art in the research field and preliminary results (max. 2 pages)
• Work plan including references (aims, methodology, involvement of participants, time plan, work packages, project coordination and management, innovation, added value of the proposed solutions compared to the existing ones; max. 8 pages)
• Financial summary for each project consortium partner provided on the respective table available within the electronic application data sheet
• Justifications of requested and total project cost (e.g. own contribution + other sources + requested). When applicable specifying co-funding from other sources necessary for the project (max. 1 page)
• Added value of the proposed international collaboration (Please explain the International dimension of the research and the proposed solutions, the necessity for a transnational approach; max. 1 page)
• Potential impact, outreach to stakeholders and exploitation of expected project results (max. 1 page)
• Handling of intellectual property rights (e.g. any barriers to sharing materials or results), both within and outside the research consortium (max. ½ page)
• Description of ongoing projects, pending patents and patents when applicable of each participating project partner related to the present topic indicating funding sources and possible overlaps with proposal (max. 1 page per group)
• Ethical issues of the project proposal. When applicable, ethical and legal issues (e.g. informed consent, ethical permits, data protection) according to national regulations (max. ½ page)
• Brief CVs for each participating project partner Principal Investigator with Email and a list of up to five relevant publications within the last five years demonstrating the competence to carry out the project (max. 1 page each)
• When requested by national funding bodies, additional information must be provided
• The proposal PDF (incl. title, references, all annexes etc.) allowed consists of 25 pages (Arial 10 point, 1,5 fold line pitch). The electronic submission-tool uses page counter and refuses documents of more than 25 pages in total.

The electronic submission tool will be available on www.jp-demographic.eu from 17.04.2015


-up to 50.000 € per project partner (up to 75.000 € per project for the whole Spanish part in case more than one Spanish partner participates in the same proposal); -up to 75.000 € per project coordinator (up to 125.000 € per project for the whole S


up to three years

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