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Molecular causes in the development of illnesses


Fritz Thyssen Foundation: Medicine and the Natural Sciences


Support of projects by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation focuses on scholars in the humanities, social science and biomedicine fields.

Medicine and natural sciences: In accordance with one of the desires of the donors, special attention is devoted by the foundation institutions to medical research. At present the foundation is focusing its support on the field of “Molecular causes in the development of illnesses”. This programme supports molecular biological studies of illnesses whose development is based on genetic defects or with which genes contribute to the development of complex illnesses.
In the area of “Molecular causes in the development of illnesses”, molecular biological studies of illnesses are supported whose development is primarily based on genetic defects or whose genes contribute to the development of complex illnesses. In providing support, preference is assigned to younger researchers with pertinent experience in the area of research concentration.

The following projects are assigned preference:
The functional analysis of genes for monogenic and complex genetic illnesses in vitro and in vivo
The establishment and evaluation of cell and animal models for the study of genetic illnesses
The analysis of predisposing genes or genes which modify illnesses

Support is not provided for:
Purely methodological studies
Descriptive genetic studies of populations as well as linkage and association studies
Research projects without any direct connection to an illness
Research projects relating to infectious diseases
Diagnostic and primarily therapy-oriented projects

Termini oficial

Application deadline: 30/09/14

Termini IISPV

Declaration of interest: IISPV's deadline: 08/10/2014 (europa@iispv.cat)

Full proposal: IISPV's deadline: Application 09/22/2014

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